EDC Price List

Affordable prices for high quality products and service...



Cutting from 


Wet cut from


Wash & set


Wash, cut & set


Wash, cut & rough dry from


Wash & finish


Wash, cut & finish from


Colouring & Perming 

Semi permanent / permanent from


Extra foil colour (per foil)


Re growth from


T bar from


Half head (foils) from


Full head (foils) from


Specialist Colouring / Chemical Processes

Balayage (price with free consultation) 


Ombre (price with free consultation)


Olaplex colouring (add £10 on to normal colour prices)


Toner colours


Perming from 



Clipper grade 1 -8




Wash & cut


Children & Teens

Under 5 cut from


6 - 15 cut from


Student (student card required)


Specialist Hair

Event hair from (consultation required)


Emily Price List


Wash & Finish


Semi/ Permanent Colouring (from)






Half Head Foils


Full Head Foils


Children & Teens Further Information

Please ensure if you are over 16 that you bring your student card with you to your appointment. This way you can achieve the best price possible!

Specialist Hair Further Information

Please keep in mind that specialist hair requires a practise run beforehand. This will be an additional cost. Please book your practise run appointment leaving enough time to book in again for your event. 

Colouring Further Information
If you are new to Elite Design & Cut we will require you to come in for a skin test somewhen before your appointment. 
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