Grunge midi cut

Grunge -  Midi Cut

Cut tightly and aesthetically around the face with lots of layers throughout. Ideal for both curly hair and straight hair people. Looks amazing in Autumn with roll necks and cosy jumpers.     

Tight curls

Tight Curls

For those who hate having to style constantly, embrace your natural tight curls; OR have a perm and live that low- maintenance-curly-lifestyle. 

Cutsie Fringe

Cutsie Fringe

This fringe has been called so many things, it started with the 70's flip and now we are carrying this on. The difference is in the styling, with this it has been finished straight and close to the face, very neat. 

Bows hair accessories

Bows Are Back!

Arggghhh we love a bow! So happy to see them back this year. Last year was very Chanel with the black and white bows, and this year we are going more Gucci, with the vibrant 70's colours and vintage undertones. Perfect for Autumn!

Heir Hair Quiet Luxury

Quiet Luxury

Also known as 'Heir Hair'. It is about achieving a well maintained, healthy, classic style - Spending thousands on your appearance, but you wouldn't ever guess. You know, silent wealth vibes. You don't have to break your bank to be this put together, come visit us. 

Fox orange hair

Foxey - Orange

Every year we see a wealth of reds, burgundy and brunettes, it is so refreshing to see a vibrant, but very achievable colour circulating. Foxey-orange is the new rich Autumn red and we LOVE it.