Elevated Up dos Hair Trends

Elevated up do's

It might be something to do with the fact that fashion is lending itself to the 'mob-boss-wife' persona and hence the fancy up do's follow. Where we have seen rough and tumble shove it in a bun, we are now seeing smooth execution of hair up, and I must admit we love this, it has been a while since we have seen the popularity of proper hair-up styles.   

Velvet Hair Trend

Velvet Hair 

What do we associate most with the wealthy? Apart from the big house, fancy car, and well dressed children? The word MAINTAINED comes to mind. This trend lends itself to extremely healthy, shiny hair - soft like velvet! This means consistent hair masks, heat protection products and of course regular haircuts - like we said, maintenance is required. 

Baroque Bob

Baroque Bob

This plays into the previous trend of 'Heir Hair'. This bob demonstrates all hair goals: bouncy blow dry, shiny locks, volume in all the right places and of course the perfect haircut! This look is all about bringing that old fashioned class into 2024. 

Side Swept Hair Trend

Side swept

The fringe is back, and its back with a new approach to a previous trend, the side sweep. Rather than the original aggressive chunky side fringe, we now are seeing a sympathetic wisp of hair perfectly matched with face shapes and again volume is key.   

Renaissance Hair Accessories Trend


Tying in with the elevated up do's, we have expensive-looking accessories. This might be something to do with the fact that a minimalistic jewellery approach is in style, a simple gold watch, ring and necklace is encouraged, but for those wanting that extra touch, we then look to decorate our hair. 

Bambi Blonde Hair Trend

Bambi Blonde

Hair trends for 2024 so far are reflecting classy imagery, we have sympathetic styles, volume, upscale hair accessories and of course we are back to hair colours that look natural but are actually achieved with some technical colouring know-how. This blonde for instance is a very toned down, natural looking blonde with slices of brighter colour that shine when the light hits. Much like a deer in the sunshine.