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Gain insight into the hair industry trends and hopefully some inspiration for your next appointment...

Ladies Hair Trends Summer 2021

Face Framing Hi Lights

Face framing blonde hi lights are very popular. This look makes facial features like your eyes stand out. Great if you want a low maintenance style.

Picture source: Pinterest

Bright Auburn

Often red toned colours are associated with colder months. However, this sunshine bleached auburn colour is beautiful in the light of Summer.  

Picture source: Pinterest

Wolf Cuts

The main difference between wolf cuts and the well - known and loved shaggy cut, is the wild, almost fluffy nature of the wolf cut. The layers are less stylistic and more random, the fringe fuller than the adaptable shaggy cut. Such an alternative choice to the usual 'boho' choice for summer.

Picture source: Pinterest


This short style is that perfect in between, it isn't short and it isn't long. Your stylist should take into account your bone structure and face shape as this style is completely adaptable to you, the canvas.

Picture source: Pinterest

Curtain Fringe

Hair up or hair down this fringe makes a statement. Hugely adaptable to many face shapes we love this for a soft summer look.  

Picture source: Pinterest

Men's Hair Trends Spring 2021

Tapered High

With lots of men either having to shave everything off, allowing their partner to cut their hair or just letting it grow, it is no wonder that short hair styles are trending in 2021. Those who had a mishap with the razors or having it so long they wanted to pull it out, it has been ideal to have a lower grade further up the hair and leaving it very short. 

Picture source: Pinterest

Roaring Twenties

Classically handsome. For men who like a longer look that can be professional and casual all in one.

Picture source: Pinterest

Short Texture

Even if you have tried the buzz cut and it wasn't for you, you can still enjoy short hair. Reducing your visits to the salon is understandable after so long with just putting up with it. This short - textured look gives you the best of both worlds. Style your hair how you want it without having to worry about length and volume. 

Picture source: Pinterest

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