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Find out about all of the products we have to offer, and what they can do for your hair. To navigate to certain product lines, please click on the titles in the description cards.

Big Sexy Hair

All about volume, even for the flatest, most lifeless hair. These products provide lift at the roots and make hair look thicker. Perfect for thin to normal hair types, or for people who just love a bit of va va voom.

Healthy Sexy Hair

Inclusive of all hair types. This product range is about moisterising and rejuvinating the hair. Hydration is important to stop dry scalp and hair breakage. Not to mention these products smell divine.

Smooth Sexy Hair

These products tame even the most wayward of hair types. The idea is that sleek and shiny are the only descriptive words used for your hair. Great for all hair types that experience frizz and flyways.

Strong Sexy Hair

For fragile and damaged hair. Whilst healthy hair hydrates, this product line actually fixes the hair. Great for all people who have split ends, coloured hair or use heated tools. When used correctly these products can reduce damage by up to 80%!

Style Sexy Hair

This collection contains products to be used with 'styling' in mind. Each designed to achieve different results, such as hold, texture, dimension and control. Having a variety of product types allows you to find the perfect styling product for your hair type.

Curly Sexy Hair

Curly hair can be hard to handle. Two main issues that curly people have is containing frizz and keeping moisture in the hair. These products add shape, definition and bounce to curls. Retaining hair softness and keeping your curly hair hydrated.

Blonde Sexy Hair

As the name suggests these products are specifically formulated for blondes. Both for natural and coloured blonde hair. These products enhance vibrancy, restore moisture and repair colour damage. 

Vibrant Sexy Hair

For colour treated hair. These product aim to keep your colour vibrant for longer. They contain rose and almond oil to keep hair shiny and healthy whilst protecting your colour from the elements.

Hot Sexy Hair

For those who love a heat styling tool, or sun bathing. These are must have products. They prevent heat damage from happening in up to 230 degrees. Thermal and heat protection, whilst giving you smooth and shiny results. No crispy residue. 

Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner

Adds volume to flat and lifeless hair without adding weight. Hair condition is improved so styling becomes a virtue not a chore.

Full Bloom Thickening Spray

Providing volume to the hair for up to three days! This product battles humidity and fights frizz, oh and to top it all off, it smells amazing.

Powder Play

Weightless, odourless and colourless powder that instantly provides full bodied voluminous hair. Adds texture to even the flattest of roots.

Root Pumping Volumising Mousse

By lifting the hair at the root this product creates fantastic volume. With medium hold and humidity resistant formula, your 'do' will never be a 'do not'.

Spray & Play Hairspray

It gives hair volume and hold. Offering a fast - drying formula without the harsh crisp texture. Your hair will be shiny and re - style able all day.

Blow Dry Gel

Gives volume and thickness with a medium hold. Simply dispense a small amount into the hands, rub together and run your hands through your wet or damp hair. Dry as usual.

Silk Finish

Ideal for fine, thin hair. This product battles common issues with having fine hair, like frizz, fly aways and lack of depth to the hair. Leaves hair soft and shiny.


The last step before battling the elements. This spray provides no real styling - its purpose is to battle humidity to keep your style in place. To use as the last step after your usual styling product.

Spritz & Stay

Non - aerosol hairspray that resists humidity. Supplies hair with hold and shine without leaving behind a stiff build up. 

Dry Shampoo

Absorbs excess oil, impurities and product build - up allowing another good hair day and delaying that dreaded hair wash.

Get Layered Thickening Hairspray

As the name suggest, this is specifically formulated to layer up to achieve the styling results you want. Protects your style from frizz and humidity offering thickening agents for the hair, and a buildable hold.

Extra Volumising Shampoo

For extra fine / thin hair. This shampoo with provide body without weighting the hair down. It improves the condition of your hair to improve styling capabilities.

Moisturising Shampoo & Conditioner

Free of sulphates makes this product safe for coloured hair. It holds all the nutrients required to fix broken and lifeless hair. 

Soy Tri - Wheat Leave In Conditioner

Preventing damage and maintaining shiny hair, this product is great for after a hair wash. Allowing a comb to slide through the hair without damage.    

Soy Oil Treatment

Equivalent to drinking a cold glass of water on a hot day, but for your hair. This oil prevents damage, provides moisture and can stop dry scalp issues.

Soya Want It All (22 in 1) Treatment

Offers 22 benefits in one product! Some of which are repair, nourish, detangle, colour protection, thermal protection, damage prevention, shine, style control and improved elasticity. 

Weightless Hairspray

Leaves hair soft and touchable with bounce and shine. This product will give you all the hold you want for your hairstyle, without the weighted feeling of heavy styling products.

Alcohol Free Hairspray

Are you fed up with your hair feeling dry and broken? Do you love hairspray, but hate the sticky and matted build up? This product is a beautiful buildable spray without the drying properties! 

Styling Paste

Gives a medium and pliable hold making restyling easy if required. It also works well when completing event hair. This is because it gives body to curls and plaits and allows fly aways to stay stuck. 

Dry Shampoo

Absorbing oils and impurities this is the perfect product to delay a hair wash. A non - aerosol translucent powder, that leaves hair feeling soft and doesn't show up on any hair type.

Dry Texture Spray

Much like a salt spray this provides great texture to the hair, without the drying affects. For a tousled, unkempt look for a beach day or casual weekend, this may be your go-to 'styling' product. 

Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner

Perfect for even the unruliest of hair types. It gives smoothness and hydration. Cleansing hair of impurities and oil, leaving behind a gorgeous clean shine. 

Smooth Extender Hair Mask

Such a gorgeous hydrating mask. Relieves hair of damage and frizz whilst providing smoothness for all of your style requirements. This product does wonders due to the coconut oil! 

Smooth & Seal Spray

Humidity resistant and anti - frizz spray. It is safe to use on processed hair and hair extensions. Protects your style no matter the occasion. 

Strong Shampoo, Conditioner & Core Flex 

This three - step process heals broken hair by up to 80%. Safe for colour treated hair, these products aim to cleanse whilst providing flexibility to stop breakage.

Core Strength Mask

Nourishing distressed hair, this mask is to be used often to restore hair strength. It leaves hair soft and flexible, making styling easier. 

Active Recovery

A blow - drying foam that prevents hair breakage. When adding to damp hair it will provide a light weight protective barrier against heat - based damage.

Detox Shampoo

The ultimate cleansing shampoo. It removes all impurities and product residue, without leaving hair dry and damaged. It contains activated charcoal for that clean scalp feeling.

Hard Up 

High performance budge proof gel. Providing hold that won't flake and gives different results depending on wet or dry hair. You can create any kind of look whether it be, spiked, sculpted, smoothed or tousled.

Play Dirty

This is a dry wax spray that gives hair texture and body. When spraying into dry hair you can sculpt into your preferred style easily. Leaving you with hold and hair dimension.

Spray Clay

All the benefits of a clay - based product but with an added bonus! Because of its spray on capability, it allows an even distribution of product, giving a matte and texture finish.

Moulding Paste

Creating long lasting and mouldable styles, this is a great product for someone who hates excessive build - up of product or gel - based styling. Hair can be restyled throughout the day as required.

Matte Clay

This is best for someone who likes a messy, unkempt style. Providing a serious hold, with texture and fullness. Gives a matte finish.

Rough & Ready

The ultimate cleansing shampoo. It removes all impurities and product residue, without leaving hair dry and damaged. It contains activated charcoal for that clean scalp feeling.

Blow It Up Foam

High performance budge proof gel. Providing hold that won't flake and gives different results depending on wet or dry hair. You can create any kind of look whether it be, spiked, sculpted, smoothed or tousled.

Polished Up Pomade

This is a dry wax spray that gives hair texture and body. When spraying into dry hair you can sculpt into your preferred style easily. Leaving you with hold and hair dimension.

Curly Shampoo, Conditioner & Curling Creme

Restores moisture and fights frizz to ensure your curls are soft, bouncy, defined and feel clean. For all curly hair types. The curling creme is the perfect after wash finish to provide extra control and moisture, reducing frizz.  

Curl Control

Apply to damp hair and scrunch to create controlled and defined curls. Blow dry or leave to dry as usual. It provides a medium hold to ensure hair stays soft. Alternatively use on dry hair for added control and definition.

Curl Reviving Spray

After a few days your curls may start to show signs of frizz and flatness. This product works on your dry hair to revive the bounce to your natural curls. It keeps your hair hydrated and smells amazing.

Blonde Shampoo

Enhances both natural and colour - treated blondes. This product is perfect to rid the hair of environmental impurities that can tinge your blonde or make it look less vibrant. Restores moisture to ensure your hair shines.

Bright Blonde Shampoo

Mainly for colour - treated blondes who love a very platinum finish or silver hair. This will get rid of any yellowy / gold tones and instead keep that colour how you intended. Provides nourishment to enhance hair moisture.

Blonde Conditioner

This conditioner can be used with both shampoos. It finishes off the wash, helping your hair to feel strong and bright. Infused with chamomile, honey and quinoa to ensure your hair feels healthy and soft.  

Vibrant Colour Lock Shampoo, Conditioner & Colour Guard

This three - step system is designed to keep hair vibrant for up to 75 uses. Infused with rose and almond oil to keep hair soft. If you use the three products together then you will see colour results.

Vibrant Colour Lock Hairspray

Provides UV colour protection (against fading) as well as giving hold to your style. It's quick drying technology gives you a good to go look in seconds. Leaves hair shiny and protected.

Vibrant Hair Perfector

This is a treatment spray that feeds hair essential proteins to ensure strong and nourished locks. High in anti - oxidants and supplies a UV filter to protect hair from environmental impurities. 

Hot Sexy Hair Support Me

Spray on before using heat tools to help protect against damage. Great for keeping curls curly and straight hair straight. Without crunch and excessive residue. 

Hot Sexy Hair Protect Me

Keeps hair smooth, shiny and protects from hot tools. Reducing breakage by up to 78% this product is to be used before hot tools and sprayed lightly on each section of hair.

Hot Sexy Hair Prep Me

Apply to damp hair before blow drying. It will not only help give some control to your blow dry, but will reduce heat - based hair damage by up to 68%. Ideal for layering with other products. 

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