Muk Haircare UK


We were first introduced to MUK through a very friendly Instagram message from a brand manager, they were very kind about our social media content and hair salon and said they wanted to send over a free tester kit for this Australian brand. After some research we found out they were vegan, cruelty free and had a fabulous range of products and colours for all hair types, how could we say no? Well truth be told, we all fell in love with the versatility of the products, the packaging, their quality formulas and of course the RESULTS!  

Kalona British Hair Products


We came across this brand during one of our visits to Salons International, and were extremely happy to find that it was a small British owned business. We were given products to trial and we were amazed at the results, all feedback was positive. Kalona is fantastic because it is all cruelty free, it only contains high quality ingredients and is affordable. 

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