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Tracey Moignard
Owner & Senior Hair Stylist

Several NVQ levels in hairdressing.
London Wella Academy Qualification. I have been in a hair salon environment since the age of 14 and have owned EDC for 13 years.

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What is your favourite aspect of hairdressing?
Cutting and colouring.

What do you believe is your strength when it comes to hairdressing?
My personality works well in this environment. I have a friendly persona with great knowledge in what I do.

What do you least enjoy or find you are least good at?
Document organisation for the business aspect of the salon.

What is your favourite product to use in the salon?
The It&ly colours we use, they truly are the best colours I have ever used.

If you could do anything with someone's hair what would you do?
I have a love of Grace Kelly, so I would love to be asked to complete one of her many hair styles.

How long have you been hairdressing?
Over 30 years!

What is the most frequent advice you give people?
Do not wash your hair to much, once a week is actually enough. If not every three days if you can.

Christina Lee - Hobson
Hair Stylist / Salon Manager

I started my hairdressing journey working for free for experience, whilst completing an NVQ in hairdressing. When qualified I landed a position at a salon in Chichester, where I completed extra training to enhance my skills. Now after working 26 years in hairdressing, I have joined the EDC team! I love everything about being a stylist, especially hair colouring and chatting with a wide variety of poeple. I see my job as my hobby and so I am very passionate about what I achieve for my clientele. 

Diane Tunstall
Senior Hair Stylist

I have been in the industry since leaving school. Training as an apprentice I managed to become fully qualified. Shortly after completing this, I moved to South Africa, taking my scissors with me. I have worked in several hair salons, gaining lots of different techniques and perfecting my skills. My main passion is hair cutting. I look forward to creating the perfect hairstyle for you. 

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