Hair Trends

Gain insight into the hair industry trends and hopefully some inspiration for your next appointment...

Ladies Summer 2019

Swept Back

High fashion, whilst keeping annoying hair off the face. Perfect for disguising those 'need to wash my hair' days. Simply comb through a little gel or wax along the frontal hair line. Tuck the sides behind your ears and leave the rest of the hair free to do as it pleases.

Business Braiding

Plaiting is associated with a softer, romantic look. However, this isn't what summer calls for. Sleek, strong and formal plaits banish all romantic vibes. Middle parting, tightly combed back hair all joined with a thick long braid. This leather hair band is a cool accessory with this look.

Natural Hair 

On a more casual note, embracing your natural hair movement is encouraged this summer. Whether your hair sits curly, straight, is thick or fine, embrace the love for your natural hair. Try not to process it with hair tongs or straighteners.

Faux Tortoise Hair Clips 

No one wants real tortoise in their hair, let's make that clear. But perspex or plastic that looks like the beautiful pattern they hold, is a gorgeous accessory for this summer. Especially double clips that are square, and sit parallel to each other.

Simple Alice Bands

Another must have hair accessory takes us back to childhood. However, in matching the sophisticated vibes of summer 2019, we have an adult alternative. A thick band, flat and simple colours only. Black and navy are ideal.

Playful Hair Colours

Summer is recognised as a time for fun in the sun. Brighten your look with a playful hair colour. This can be achieved in a variety of ways. All over colour, just the ends, leaving the roots of your hair exposed or as sporadic hi or low lights.

Gents Summer 2019

Natural Fade

Embracing the natural movement of your hair is the popular trend of summer 2019. Here you leave your hair to do what it likes on top, whilst having faded sides to ensure styling ease.

Buzz Cut

Spring brings warmer climates, and then summer arrives. While this trend is great for the coming seasons, it also requires little to no care or attention. Simply wake up and go. Cut when you need to.

Textured Crop

Simple 'I woke up like this' look. Minimal effort involved. Simple short back and sides with a little length on top. Better for thick hair with texture. No styling required!

Undercut Quiff

Not so effortless this takes styling and care. The sides may just need a cut now and then. But the length on top requires product and styling to look effective. Looks very good once completed!