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Hair Trends

Wild Or Sleek For Winter

Winter trends are a mixture of styles. Both attractively messy and smooth. Depending on what you're doing and how much time you have, you can be both elegantly sophisticated and edgy all at once. We also have accessories galore and the more sparkly the better. Tis the season to be jolly after all!

Shine Bright

Sparkly is the order of the day when it comes to hair accessories. The brighter the better for the holiday season. Sliding grips are the main focus as enhancing and clipping back your chosen parting (accentuating your cheekbones) is THE trend to end this year and start the next.

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‘Wet Hair’

This season we have an old favourite - using gel and other products to give your hair the impression of being wet. (whilst also styled sleekly) Lots of people have different events they have to attend throughout the winter season, this look is perfect for those dress up occasions. Slicked back pony tails and buns look clean and concise, whilst wet looking curls look fashion forward.

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Casual Mess

Wishing for the dress up season to be over? Prefer a more casual style? This may be the trend for you. Essentially artfully stepping out with bed hair. Okay, so maybe not literally bed hair, but the impression of it. Tousled waves and messy hair up styles are fashion forward for those who don't like the sleek, polished trend. Embrace your natural texture and create some amazing styles for yourself.

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Coloured Wigs

What is the perfect solution to wanting your hair coloured, but not wanting to risk hating it? A coloured wig of course! Investing in a good one is probably a good idea if you want to wear it confidently without looking like a fancy dress fiend. But all colours a go, be a pop of colour against the dreary weather.

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A Little Bit Becks…

We all seem to get waves of being mad for that ‘David Beckham’ look. This season we are seeing a more military inspired short crop with an edge. This may not keep the cold out, but the idea is that hat hair will not exist. Simply ask for the buzz crew cut.

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Loose Quiff

Its back again, but with some serious attitude. You need thick hair to make this style work for you. It fits just about any face shape and style so this is something to really consider. Get a traditional quiff hair cut, gradient sides with longer hair on top. But because you want to style it so it sits loosely have some weight cut out of the top. A great style to keep you warm this season and look great doing it!

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