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Bringing back the 80’s and 90’s

Bold, bright and powerful. The 80’s brought new style and class to fashion. It was different and that is why people loved it. Tighter trousers, shoulder pads and now what we call ‘mom’ jeans were popular. The 90’s, denim on denim and graphic tees were the must have items. It is no wonder that we bring aspects of these times back into present day. At the start of the year we see the 80’s and 90’s reflected in what is hot for hair for women. While men are taking the almost modern approach, using new and fresh techniques, for great hairstyles with an old time twist.

Retro Blow Drying

Blow drying hair into a style is not a new concept. However, it has not been popular amongst fashionistas for a little while. They would roughly dry their hair and then use straighteners or heated tongs to give them their ultimate look. Now, a professional blow dry to either gain big bouncy curls or a retro flick are being asked after. The bigger the hair the better if bounce is what you want. The retro flick requires blow drying inward or outward at the ends of your hair.

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Curly Is Cool

Curls are back with a vengeance. Unhappy about the neat, equestrian looks we previously favoured. Natural untamed curls make it back into the spotlight. The bigger the better. It ties into the distressed plaits fashion trend. Fishtail, french or simple plaiting are great not only for those who have curly hair, but for those who want to achieve it. The messier and unkempt the plaits, the better.

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Dirty Blonde

No longer do we want damaged hair. Trend setters seemed to have let up on their colouring appointments. The quality of your hair is very important. We have made many posts about this (check us out on Facebook). We know that the start of the year lots of people feel the pinch of their purses. Letting your colour grow out to reveal healthy hair underneath is a welcomed trend. Let there be roots and more natural colours!

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Accessories Are Abundant

Head scarves, scrunchies, barrettes and hair bands are all fashionable. Decorating your hair with beautiful accessories is not only money conscious (your hair needs cutting and you cant afford it? Just accessorise and clip it out of the way) but an easy way to make your hairstyle for the day look more sophisticated.

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Textured Crop

While Women’s hair trends are nodding to the 80’s and 90’s; Men's hair is looking to the future. They are demonstrating modern styles and techniques to start off the year. These faded looks are great for most hair types. It can help with lightening up thick hair, and is a great idea for guys with curly or wavy locks.

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Side Parting Please

The previous middle parting trend was very 2000’s and not very popular. Mostly because not a lot of people could pull this off, due to face shapes etc. However, a middle parting not only looks suave, but is an easier fit for a lot of men. Business casual is back and we love it. A good old time twist.

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