Hair Trends

Gain insight into the hair industry trends and hopefully some inspiration for your next appointment...

Ladies Spring 2019

Long Plaited Hair

Convenience and style wrapped up into a variety of different braids. This spring go all out with the waterfall, french, fishtail and normal plaits from roots to ends.

Blunt Bobs

With the length being adaptable to your face shape and daily routine, this sharp look is very popular. Professional and low maintenance we love this look at EDC right now.

Half Up

Half up and half down is a great look for those days where your hair just won't behave. Spring brings lots of unpredictable weather, so you never know how your hair will react. With this look it doesn't matter!

Hair Scarves 

I am so happy to see these back! Easy and so good at making your hair look sophisticated without massive amounts of effort. Wear around the ends of your hair or pony tails as well.

Straighter Is Greater

Straight hair is called for in spring. The great thing is the natural hair you get the day after is also in style. Even if your hair doesn't stay naturally straight for long, you are trending, it's all good.

Chocolate or Grey Is Okay

Varying colour tones. The brunettes are having their moment again. Glossy chocolate tones are gorgeous and don't do large amounts of damage which is good. Those grey- haired beauties - flaunt it!

Gents Spring 2019

Textured Crop

Simple 'I woke up like this' look. Minimal effort involved. Simple short back and sides with a little length on top. Better for thick hair with texture. No styling required!

Man Bob

Not just for women this Spring. Men adopt a messier image with natural texturing, which means letting your hair dry naturally. Or better yet, styling it as if it was.

Undercut Quiff

Not so effortless this takes styling and care. The sides may just need a cut now and then. But the length on top requires product and styling to look effective. Looks very good once completed!

Buzz Cut

Spring brings warmer climates, and then summer arrives. While this trend is great for the coming seasons, it also requires little to no care or attention. Simply wake up and go. Cut when you need to.