Hair Trends

Gain insight into the hair industry trends and hopefully some inspiration for your next appointment...

Ladies Autumn 2019

Middle Parting

The 70's are making a massive comeback this season. Our homes, our clothes, our makeup and hair all reflect this era. The middle parting is only just the beginning, match that with a voluminous hair style and you are officially trending.


Big updos and hair volume is the calling for Autumn. This doesn't just have to be beehives! All types of volume orientated hair styles, up and down. Curls and no curls. Do you, but do it with volume. We have loads of great products that can help you achieve this.

Auburn Autumn

Red is making a massive comeback - natural and otherwise. Matching the falling leaves, this vibrant option will brighten your mood as the days grow shorter.

Romantic Waves

Finger curls and delicate waves are the muse for Autumn. You can achieve these looks with heating tools, a good blow dry or old- fashioned clip method.

Sharp Bobs

We have had whimsical bobs for spring and summer and now we are going a little more aggressive. Straight lines to give your face a natural contour, rather than the favoured makeup contour which has been popular. Texture is a big factor to achieving the right razor - sharp bob for your face shape.

Curtain Fringes

Another massive 70's throwback. These fringes are so adaptable. The idea is that you have a varying length. Hair that is shorter across the face and slightly longer at the sides. Layering correctly for your face can make or break this look. You can split in the middle or slightly to the side. Curly or straight with texture is key.

Claw Clips

Probably the easiest trend to complete. We love these functional and time conscious hair accessories. Simple push your hair back and have a half up, half down style or messily fold it all into the claw. 

Braided Crowns

Static is always a problem in Autumn. The air lacks moisture and jumpers don't help with fly - aways. Having your hair up can be a relief, you can leave it in and go. This style is great because it looks intricately pretty.

Gents Autumn 2019

Messy Spikes

Adding texture to the hair is a must this season. This hairstyle would work for someone with fine or medium thick hair. The sides are short and controlled, but the top allows some room for play. This style works because hi - lights have been added to create texture, but likely spiked with a paste or pomade.

Swept Back

This continues to be a popular style. Previously we have seen shorter sides and longer top swept back into place. However, with the Autumn chill approaching, longer sides and back are seen here. Great for lots of hair types. It looks great for the office and works well in a casual style for home.

Straight Sweep

For men with thicker hair, this look is perfect. You do not have to worry about having thick tufts of hair sticking out because your hair has grown back in. This style allows the weight of the hair to grow downward. Perfect for work because it is adaptable, and for those lazy days at home.

Side Parting

There is something so alluring about this style. Probably because it looks more formal, paired with casual clothes it can lift a look. This is so easy to achieve for a lot of different hair types. Cut short on the sides and left a bit longer to part it. Style with your preferred product. (Even just water for your morning routine.)