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We are looking for a part, or full time hair stylist to join the team!
The perfect candidate:
Fully qualified with experience in hairdressing
Confidence in all salon tasks including washing, all cutting, colouring, perming, hair up and blow drying
Ability to connect with clientele and display a friendly manner at all times
The days we need covering are: Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. However, we are happy to discuss different hours for the right candidate. Salary will be dependent on ability.

This is a flexible job role! 
Follow the link below to email Tracey with your CV.

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Natural Hair Lightening

Lemon juice and sunshine does work to lighten your hair colour. However, this can cause hair to become extremely dry and break away. Instead use an ammonia free lifting cream. This won't damage the hair as much, but will achieve a lighter finish with certain hair colours. (This may not work on very dark hair.)

Greasy Hair Problems

Do you constantly have to wash your hair because it looks oily? This may be due to the shampoo and conditioner you use. Try a clarifying shampoo and conditioner. But use the conditioner only on the ends of the hair and a tiny amount. This should improve how often you have to wash your hair and how oily it looks afterwards.

Healthy Hair

This product is fantastic for the summer months, Dry and frizzy hair beware! Simply spray a little into the hands, rub together and run through the hair. This product is concentrated so you only need a little at a time. Can be used on wet and dry hair. 

Product of the month...

Can't resist the hairdryer, curlers or straighteners? This product is for you! Reduces hair breakage up to 68%, and protects hair from heat and thermal damage. (Heat from styling tools and thermal damage from the sun.) Leaves limited, to no residue in the hair. Which means no worries about having to wash it again sooner, and ideal for layering other products to style. Apply to damp hair and style as usual. We have been using this a lot in salon, and have been noticing better results when blow drying and using heat tools.   

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