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Hair Stylist Job At Elite Design & Cut

We are looking for a candidate who has had some experience in hairdressing, and is familiar in their role as a hair stylist. We have a client base ready for you to adopt. However, we need to ensure you will actively try to expand this and prove your overall worth to the company. This position is advertised as part time; however, full time work can be discussed.

Our Requirements:

> Will be able to travel to the salon independently

> Demonstrates good time keeping

> Friendly with great communication skills

> Able to work independently, as well as in a team environment

> Basic computer skills

> Efficient and continues to keep the salon clean and tidy

We need someone who is qualified in:

> Perming

> Barbering (not essential but preferable)

> Colouring

> Cutting (Children and Ladies)

Additional Duties: (these are joint tasks for the team)

> Sweeping the floor

> Offering and making refreshments for your clientele

> Cleaning mirrors / worktops

> Taking photos of hair completed (with permission from clients)

> Ensuring all towels are clean and dry, ready for use

> Filling in your tickets at the end of the day

> Updating customer files

> Cashing up at the end of the day

We ideally would like someone with 1 years' experience. However, if you demonstrate that your are enthusiastic and talented in what you do, then we would be interested to meet you. Please if you would like to apply, or you have any questions, you may use the links below to contact me. Please email me your CV, or if calling ask for Tracey.

We have been studying the data received from the surveys! All good news, we have a clearer understanding of how to make the salon better for our customers. We want to thank everyone for their lovely, helpful comments.

You will see lots of different additions to the salon. We have had our (very successful) well being event (find on Facebook). Coming up we may have our own Elite Design and Cut magazine and potentially a subscription box! All exciting things to come, all whilst delivering the same high quality,  friendly salon experience.

From Tracey and the team we hope to see you soon!

Check out our Gallery for pictures of people who have come to see us so far for 2018. Not everyone wants to have their photo taken, but the people who do truly help towards our presence online. Thank you for allowing us to take your picture and use it for posts on social media and for our website.