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FREE haircut with any colour.
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Lots of people come into the salon knowing they want a hair change, but not truly knowing what they want to look like. Pinterest is the perfect place for inspiration and to find examples of the styles you love. Don't forget to follow us as we have many boards for you to view.

YouTube: The perfect place to see our stylists in action. Videos explain a lot to visual people, and we want you to achieve your style goals through tutorials and explanation videos. Over the coming months we plan to post a lot more content here.

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Want to work with us?

We are looking for a part, or full time hair stylist to join the team!
The perfect candidate:
Fully qualified with experience in hairdressing
Confidence in all salon tasks including washing, all cutting, colouring, perming, hair up and blow drying
Ability to connect with clientele and display a friendly manner at all times
The days we need covering are: Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. However, we are happy to discuss different hours for the right candidate. Salary will be dependent on ability.

This is a flexible job role! 
Follow the link below to email Tracey with your CV.

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Quality Products Tip

Lots of people choose to buy alternative cheaper products to the ones you can buy in salon. This is okay, we understand everyone has different budgets and if you can buy 3 shampoo's for the price of one, why would you buy the more expensive?
Because, they are more concerntrated so you use less each time, they give you better results hands down, they contain ingredients that are healthy and contain specific nutrients for your hair and they will contribute to having salon hair all the time, which could reduce your trips to the salon for hair damage and hair styling. (but we didnt tell you that of course.)

Choosing Your Style

There are three main pointers to choosing the right style for you. 
1. Understand how long you truly have for hair maintenance and styling.
2. what kind of dress style do you have?
3. Does what you want match your face shape or skin tone? (if you aren't sure we can help you and adapt the style you like to fit.)

Brush vs Comb

Just remember a brush is for dry hair and a comb is for wet hair. Why? A brush is too harsh for wet hair and can cause the hair to stretch and break. The great thing about a comb is you will likely have to battle your hair in sections, and this will not only reduce the amount of knots, but stop damage. 

Product of the month...

Like all of the strong sexy hair products, this product features Aloe Vera and Mango butter. Aloe Vera contains an enzyme which repairs dead skin cells on the scalp. This not only prevents itching, but encourages hair growth. Because it is so effective with repairing skin cells lots of people use it on their skin after getting sunburn. Mango butter not only seals and protects hair, but is fantastic for people suffering with dandruff, eczema and psoriasis. You use this product on damp hair before blow drying to help prevent hair breakage and to repair broken hair for a smooth and shiny style. A little goes a very long way. Spray a little of the foam (roughly a £2 coins worth) in the hand and then comb through your hair and dry as usual.  

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