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Covid Update

We have now been open following government guidelines for over a week. Thank you all for your patience and support. It is fantastic to see you all! Please keep reading here for further updates as regulation keeps changing.

Appointment times - To give everyone a fair chance after these long waiting times, we will be completing limited amount of our services. Hair colouring and cutting are of higher priority.  As of the 3rd of July, the government have reported that hairdryers are permitted. However, because we have booked appointments to please as many people as possible, our stylists likely won't have time to complete this for you this time around. From now on we will book appointments with blow drying in mind. All hair has to be washed. You can do this just before your appointment or we can wash your hair in the salon. 

Appointments MUST be made - We will not accept walk ins. Anyone who attempts to walk in will unfortunately be turned away, you must contact us via phone 01243 583055 or email to book in your appointment. 

No Waiting Area - Once entering the salon you will be escorted to your station. There will be no availability for the next customer to be allowed to wait in the waiting area. Please be on time to ensure we can keep to our schedule. 

Disinfecting - Before and after exiting the salon the door handle will be wiped with disinfectant. The station you will be sat at will have been cleaned. We would politely ask that you use sanitizer on your hands.

Card Only - We will not accept cash payment. Contactless payment is appreciated.

Masks - From the 8th of August we will require you to wear a mask to enter the salon. If you do not have one, or forgot your own, we will provide you with one for the charge of £1. 

Thank you so much for your understanding. We know it is strange and for a little while, the atmosphere you know and love from Elite Design & Cut will be different. But we are doing this to ensure everyone who visits us will stay safe in our care. Please consider before your appointment if you have any symptoms, or if you have been in contact with someone showing signs. In this case, please contact us and inform us that you won't be visiting. Thank you so much for your loyalty. See you soon!

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Facebook: We post every week supplying you with all the 'need to know' hair information. We also provide updates about the salon, and posting pictures of our work.

Lots of people come into the salon knowing they want a hair change, but not truly knowing what they want to look like. Pinterest is the perfect place for inspiration and to find examples of the styles you love. Don't forget to follow us as we have many boards for you to view.

YouTube: The perfect place to see our stylists in action. Videos explain a lot to visual people, and we want you to achieve your style goals through tutorials and explanation videos. Over the coming months we plan to post a lot more content here.

Instagram: We update regularly with hair we have completed in salon, product information and relatable hair memes.


Want Shine?

Add two tablespoons of honey to your conditioner bottle and shake well. Honey helps to seal moisture into the hair which makes it look shiny! 

Heat Damage

If you like to style your hair with heated tools, you are likely causing damage. This can mean split ends, dry texture and generally lifeless hair. What do you do with lifeless hair, you try to tame it using hot tools. It is a catch - 22 situation, but it doesn't have to be. Investing in a spray on heat protector to line the hair before using straighteners or curlers, will reduce damage and allow you a break from having to style it constantly. We recommend one of the Sexy Hair heat protection products. Click the link to find out more about it.

Brush vs Comb

Just remember a brush is for dry hair and a comb is for wet hair. Why? A brush is too harsh for wet hair and can cause the hair to stretch and break. The great thing about a comb is you will likely have to battle your hair in sections, and this will not only reduce the amount of knots, but stop damage. 

Product of the month...

Specially formulated for those who have a curl to their hair. We know the wind has not been your friend lately. Those curls basically have no chance when it comes to the battle against frizz. But hold up - now they do. Whether your curls have gone flat, dry or just wayward, spraying this product into the hair will revive their texture and bounce. Hydration central and did I mention this product smells amazing?

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Want to work with us?

We are looking for a part, or full time hair stylist to join the team!
The perfect candidate:
Fully qualified with experience in hairdressing
Confidence in all salon tasks including washing, all cutting, colouring, perming, hair up and blow drying
Ability to connect with clientele and display a friendly manner at all times
The days we need covering are: Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. However, we are happy to discuss different hours for the right candidate. Salary will be dependent on ability.

This is a flexible job role! 
Follow the link below to email Tracey with your CV.

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