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Michelle Smith Fact File

Birthday: 19th March

Qualifications: Hairdressing level 2 and 3 NVQ

Hobbies: Chatting with friends, reading, catching up on TV shows

Love in life: My children and partner

Favourite movie: Dirty Dancing or Footloose

What is your favourite aspect of hairdressing?

Perming and blow drying

What do you believe is your strength when it comes to hairdressing?

Easy ability to get my tasks done and work with others. I have positivity that it will always turn out alright

What do you least enjoy or find you are least good at?


What is your favourite product to use in the salon?

The purity and smooth shampoo

What is the most frequent advice you give people?

Do not over spray your hair with too much hair spray

If you could do anything with someone's hair what would you do?

Rounded bob I love them!

How long have you been hairdressing?

19 years

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